Looking After Your Mental Wellbeing In Challenging Times
DATE: March 26, 2020
"As we begin a period of isolation & uncertainty, how can you look after your mental wellbeing to stay safe, well, calm and in control?"
Mental Wellbeing In Fashion

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of something uncontrollable. Like the situation we find ourselves in now.

But we actually have more control than we think…


If you are feeling anxious, scared, worried and uncertain about what the future might hold for you right now – you are not alone so please do not panic.

Isolation and lockdown is affecting all of us in so many different ways. And for you it might mean anxiety if your university or school has closed and your not sure if you will even get to complete your course or if you will get to show your final collection on a catwalk or degree show. Maybe your working part-time to pay your student loan and you don’t know if you have a job to go back to and worrying about money.

Looking after your Mental Wellbeing is going to be paramount to helping you get through this tough and anxious time.

I wanted to help take some of that stress and overwhelm away for you so I have put together this short video to share some key ways you can protect yourself in the coming weeks. I hope you find this helpful & please share with anyone you feel might find this useful.



Please remember, things will get better, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will get through this.

Keep safe and well and be kind to yourself, your families and your communities. We have never needed eachother more than we do now.

Reach out to me if you are struggling: marie@thetrendacademy.com

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